Welcome to Snowy's Canine Therapy Centre!

The centre is an enterprise established by the owners Jackie and John Dyson to be able to provide Hydrotherapy, Myotherapy, and Physical Conditioning as an amazing therapeutic, rehabilitation and all round fitness process for the dogs in the South East of England. In addition to these services, we are also able to offer physiotherapy services.

At Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre you will be greeted to a relaxed informal environment that makes both your canine friend and yourself feel comfortable in our surroundings. With regard to the Hydrotherapy pool, there will always be a Canine Hydrotherapist in the pool with your dog at all times. There is a dedicated room for the Myotherapy massage treatment. Our aim is to offer a unique service to our clients and referring vets. Our priority is to make every effort to create a relaxed, enjoyable environment so that we build a sense of trust from both the dog and their owner.

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Labrador swimming in the hydrotherapy pool

Care for your dog’s health and well-being

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Canine Hydrotherapy


Hydrotherapy provides excellent therapy for dogs in need of careful rehabilitation after injury, those suffering with general orthopaedic conditions, dogs that need to keep fit, lose a little weight or just to have some fun. The performance and stamina of your canine can be improved with hydrotherapy, a five minute swim is equivalent to a five mile walk.
All of our hydrotherapy sessions take place in our specially designed heated pool to ensure that your canine has the right conditions to receive the optimal benefits from their session.

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Canine Myotherapy


Myotherapy specialises in the identification and treatment of muscular injury, weakness, muscle spasm, and associated compensatory issues. This aids their performance, well being and recovery time. Muscular issues are one of the more difficult areas to diagnose but the impact on how a dog function physically and physiologically with muscular issues is huge.
During myotherapy your canine will experience a release of endorphins, much like humans do with when they have a massage, this is a natural pain relieving hormone which allows your dog to relax and ease their discomfort.

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Canine Physical Muscular Development

Physical Muscular Development

Physical muscular development is a set of exercises designed target the canine athletes to help them develop their strength and stamina, this in turn helps to reduce the risk of injury. Ideal for all ages, from juvenile to veteran dogs, to focus on flexibility, balance, co-ordination and spatial awareness.
Physical muscular development is extremely beneficial for canines recovering from injuries, or have reduced mobility as the exercises can be adapted to suit.

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Canine Laser therapy

LASER Therapy

Low level laser therapy is a painless treatment for canines. It uses clinically tested wavelengths of light to stimulate a natural biological process, doing so leads to faster healing and pain relief for your much loved dog.
There are no side effects for our low level laser therapy which means that in many situations the laser therapy can replace the need for pharmaceuticals and surgery to treat some long-term degenerative diseases.

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