Franco Gasparini

"I have been using Snowys’s over the past 2 years attending on a weekly basis with my 3 dogs. From the facilities that the centre has on offer, to the knowledge, dedication, commitment, love and care that the whole Snowys’s Team have demonstrated and given to my dogs from our first ever session, have not only help us to improve and maintain our dog’s health but also, their overall wellbeing. I can’t recommend Snowy’s enough and the only regret I have, is that I didn’t discover them sooner!”

- Franco's owner, Chiara Gasparini

Gus Andrews

"Within the short time that we have been coming to see you, it has been amazing to see the change in Gus. You have moved mountains for him, and every visit makes his world a better place. Before discovering Snowy’s, my husband and I were at a loss as to how we would ever be able to help the ‘little guy’, but you have given us so much hope for him and we can’t thank you enough."

- Gus's owner, Catherine Andrews

Abbi Edwards

"Abbi loves her sessions with you. Notwithstanding her age, she is and always has been very highly driven - this made her a phenomenal Police Dog and an awesome retirement companion for me. 

I am delighted with her progress with you and that you “get her”. She is a force to be reckoned with even now and the understanding you show her and the team effort we have developed with you is brilliant. 

I would like to say a huge thank you for what you do for the beloved and awesome RPD Abbi. 

She loves you!!!"
-Abbi's owner, Claire Edwards

Hendrix Emberson

"I must say that our experiences upon our first visit was terrific. All staff were welcoming, positive, relaxed and confident and also professional and competent."
-Hendrix's owner, Jamie Emberson

Elsa Owen

"Elsa has been going to Snowy's for 9 months now as she was diagnosed with Elbow Dysplasia, following an operation at Fitzpatrick's, they recommended hydrotherapy. I have absolutely no doubt that she has benefitted immensely from her weekly session. She goes through the exercise routines as she knows when she has finished she gets a lovely cuddle, which is very important to her as she loves Jackie!

Since she has started there has been no sign of any limping or discomfort. She also has regular Myotherapy sessions which she throughly enjoys and confirms that her joints and muscles are now much improved. Elsa is a true bouncy Viszla and is full of energy so it's really good to witness her channelling his energy into something that really helps her." 
- Elsa's owner, Gillian Owen

Scarlett and Roscoe Adourian

"I started bringing my rescue dog Roscoe to Snowy's hydrotherapy a few months ago on the advice of my vet to help him build up his strength after a double cruciate surgery. Jackie and her team were so professional. They took various measurements of his legs as well as a full history and made extensive notes during each of his treadmill sessions so that they could monitor his progress. They also emailed me after every session with an update. Roscoe loved coming for his hydrotherapy sessions - he used to whine throughout the whole car journey once he knew where he was going! 

I was so impressed with Snowy's that I asked Jackie if I could bring my other rescue, Scarlett, for leasure. Scarlett is not very confident and hates water so Jackie let me bring her a few times prior to starting her swimming sessions to get used to being near the water. They all made such a fuss of Scarlett and really put her at ease. Jackie let Scarlett and Roscoe swim together the first time she went in the water to gain confidence. Scarlett is becoming much happier about getting into the pool as the weeks go by. She has turned into a really good swimmer and thoroughly enjoys playing 'fetch' in the water. She will even walk through puddles now whereas before starting swimming she used to walk around them! 

Jackie, Tig, Sammy and Summer are so caring and you really feel as if your dog is their priority - nothing else matters to them. They will bend over backwards to accommodate your dog and help them in any way they can even if it's something really small like remembering your dogs favourite toy and making sure they have it for their session. There is always a treat and a cuddle for your dog if they want it. It's such a pleasure to take your dog to Snowy's where you can relax because you know your dog is being looked after and you can enjoy watching your dog enjoying themselves." 
- Scarlett and Roscoes' owner,Yester Adourian

Flora McDonald

"Following a period of intermittent lamness, Flora was X-Rayed in April and diagnosed with bilateral luxating patellas. Her kneecaps slipped sideways causing pain and she already showed signs of arthritis. The otheropeadic vet recommended operating on her left leg immediately and 6-8 weeks later her right. Ten days after the first operation he reffered her to Snowy's for hydrotherapy to build muscle strength before her second operation. 

Jackie very kindly made space in her busy schedule to begin Flora's rehabilitation. Unfortunately, the painful manipulation during diagnosis has made her wary of being touched by strangers. Her first session was on day 14 after the operation and Flora rehemently objected to the whole process. Although she has never nipped anyone, she was very defensive and giving strong verbal warnings. Far from being put off by her attitude, the highly professional team at Snowy's responded with calm, sensitive encouragement. I cannot praise them enoguh for their kind, caring handling of this very grumpy reactive dog. The emphasis was always on staying within her comfort zone and helping her to work on the treadmill without stress. This was achieved within a few sessions (the change in her aggresive reaction was little short of miraculous). She improved her muscle strength sufficiently to have the second operation 7 weeks after the first. 

Flora now enters the treadmill without hesitation and is gradually working her way back to full strength. This has been a stressful few months for her (and me!) but she has recovered very well thanks to the expert care she has recieved and is well on her way to racing after squirrels again."
 - Flora's owner, Annie McDonald 

Issey and Remy Hallinan

"Issey was initially referred to Snowys by my vet to help with her muscle development issues.Issey was extremely nervous on her first appt on the treadmill but Jackie and her team demonstrated care and compassion toward her, gaining her trust. Issey had made so much progress both physically and emotionally that I decided to take my other dog Remy for hydrotherapy for his arthritis. Remy struggled on a walk which would quite often result in pain, after just a few weeks of swimming therapy he is now active, happy and pain free.(and no longer on medication!).

Amazing transformation in both my dogs! I cannot thank Snowys enough!"- Issy and Remy's ownerTina Hallinan

Bertie Wood

"What can I say, another brilliant afternoon at Snowy's. Coming here is now a highlight of Bert's week, and mine and Les's too. We're very fortunate in that we come to prevent a problem, rather than dealing with something that has become chronic. But Bert's complete joy when he comes to Snowy's is something else. He just loves his swimming (and maybe the fact he is a bit in love with Lucy helps!). He has bonded hugely with all of the dedicated and loving staff, in particular his wonderful therapist Lucy. Lucy is kind, gentle, knowledgeable and seems like she's been there forever - a true testament to the family-like style of Snowy's, with no compromise on professionalism.

Everything about Snowy's is wonderful. The facilities are first class, spotlessly clean, in a peaceful location. Welfare is put first - all of Bert's sessions, even though he doesn't have a serious health condition (and hopefully now won't due to these sessions), are recorded in detail.  He is monitored throughout his swims. The main thing though, which is so special, is the atmosphere created by the staff. We trust you all completely. It's simply a very special place, that we are so lucky to be near.
Thank you to Jackie, John, Lucy, Tig and the entire team for creating a magical place. Look forward to next week and many more to come. We also felt very privileged to see the Dalmatian arrive - whose story is nothing short of a miracle."- Bertie's owner, Elly Wood

Niffler Payne

Thank you all for the fantastic hydrotherapy you have given Niffler. From the accident last year and our initial dread that we would have a forever lame dog, we have a robust lively and very fit ten-month-old dog! I can’t remember the last time she ‘hopped’ with her hind leg Thank you for achieving. Such wonderful results we are so grateful for your help. I am absolutely delighted with the result. – Niffler's owner, Jane Payne

Buster Golding

'Just got home from another session with my 2-year-old Jack Russell, Buster. Lovely ladies who care very much about their 4-legged clients. At the beginning of the year things didn't look good for him, but after surgery and his first 6 sessions I have a much happier little dog. Can't recommend them enough.'- Buster's owner, Amanda Golding

Cadbury Knight

'We would like to say a huge 'thank you' to all the team at Snowy’s. Cadbury, our 5-year-old chocolate lab has been coming to you every week for a few months now, and the difference you have made to his quality of life has been amazing!' -Cadbury's owner, Darren and Corrine Knight

Martha Southall

'What a wonderful place. Martha is thoroughly enjoying her time in the underwater treadmill. She always feels special as there are so many staff members looking after her. The best hydrotherapy in Kent in my opinion, and yes, I have tried others.' -Martha's owner, Rebecca Southall

Harley Johnson

'Harley takes part in canicross and agility for fun. We noticed him slowing down a bit and not being out in front during our runs so we thought a massage and check over would be a good idea. Jackie was very friendly and easy to talk to; you could tell straight away that she had a lot of knowledge and she instantly picked up on Harley being stiffer through his right side and upon massage was tight in his left lumbar area. He appeared to enjoy his massage. Jackie was very calm and patient with him even when he kept getting distracted, by the end he had fallen asleep! He has had two massages with Jackie and already is running much better; and he is back to his usual cheeky self. I would highly recommend Jackie and Snowy’s.' - Harley's owner, Sarah Johnson

Murphy Paine

'I use regular myotherapy sessions to make sure my young crazy competing dog is tip-top at all times, if there is nothing to be found he gets a nice massage - what's not to love?! My logic being if something small is found, it's dealt with before it escalates, compromising his health and wellbeing. I frequently recommend Snowy’s because they are knowledgeable, professional and accommodating in what they do.' - Murphy's owner, Victoria Paine

Libby Duncan

Such a wonderful team, so caring & helpful. Cannot recommend them enough! Took my 88 year old mum with me today and everyone was so lovely. Mum has dementia but enjoyed herself so much, she actually said thank you! (those with dementia relatives will understand) But all about the dogs and Libby is having up and down times, they looked after her BIG time! Such a fabulous place.- Libby's Owner, Beverly Duncan