Snowy’s Welcomes In-House Veterinary Physiotherapist

Snowy’s Canine Hydrotherapy Center Welcomes In-House Veterinary Physiotherapist, Imogen Golding, IMSc!

We are thrilled to announce a major enhancement to our services here at Snowy’s Canine Therapy Center – the addition of our very own skilled and dedicated Veterinary Physiotherapist, Imogen Golding. With her extensive expertise and an Integrated Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy (IMSc), we are confident that she will be a valuable asset to our team and, most importantly, to the well-being of your beloved furry companions.

As an established and trusted name in canine hydrotherapy, we have always been committed to providing top-notch care and rehabilitation services for our furry friends. Over the years, we have witnessed the tremendous benefits of hydrotherapy in aiding the recovery and enhancing the quality of life for dogs of all ages and breeds. Now, with the expertise of Imogen Golding on board, we are raising the bar even higher.

Imogen’s journey to becoming a Veterinary Physiotherapist began with a profound love and passion for animals, especially dogs. She embarked on her academic pursuit, earning her Integrated Masters in Veterinary Physiotherapy, equipping herself with a deep understanding of animal anatomy, musculoskeletal issues, and specialised rehabilitation techniques. Her qualifications and hands-on experience make her perfectly suited to tailor treatment plans that cater to the unique needs of each canine patient.

Veterinary Physiotherapy is a specialised branch that focuses on optimising the physical health and mobility of animals through non-invasive techniques. It involves the use of targeted exercises, massage, hydrotherapy, and other modalities to aid in recovery from injuries, surgeries, or age-related mobility issues. Whether it’s a senior dog experiencing joint stiffness, a sporting dog recovering from a muscle strain, or a post-operative patient requiring rehabilitation, Imogen is here to provide expert care.

At Snowy’s Canine Therapy Center, we understand the deep bond between pets and their owners. Your four-legged companions are not just pets; they are beloved family members. That's why we prioritise their comfort and safety above all else. With Imogen’s compassionate approach, coupled with her professional skills, you can rest assured that your furry friend will receive the highest standard of care during every session.

The entire team at Snowy’s Canine Therapy Center is excited about this new chapter and the opportunity to offer even more comprehensive services. Our commitment to excellence remains unwavering as we strive to provide the best possible care for your canine companions.

So, if your furry friend is in need of specialised care, whether it's post-injury rehabilitation or simply a rejuvenating hydrotherapy session, our in-house Veterinary Physiotherapist, Imogen Golding, is ready to help. Schedule an appointment today and give your furry friend the gift of improved mobility, comfort, and a happier life! Together, let's ensure your pet's health is in the expert hands of Imogen and the Snowy’s Canine Therapy Center team. ????????

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