Meet the team

Jackie Dyson

Centre Owner and Head Therapist

Jackie is the centre owner here at Snowy’s, she has trained in the application of hydrotherapy, myotherapy and physical muscular development exercises. Jackie began Snowy’s following a diagnosis of Osteochondritis (OCD) and DJD (Degenerative Joint Disorder) in her own dog Snowball (Snowy). Since then Snowy’s has developed into a real passion, with an aim of helping not only her own special girl, but also to help other pets to enjoy a better, longer and more pain-free life.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy in Small Animals
  • Level 3 Diploma in Canine Myotherapy
  • Introduction to Canine Anatomy and Physiology
  • Galen First Aid for Dogs
  • Advanced Hydro Treadmill for Small Animals
  • Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine

Natalie Millen

Centre Administrator

Natalie is the newest member of the Snowy's family, and now part of the administration team. Natalie has just finished studying an agricultural course at Hadlow College. In her spare time Natalie works on the family arable/hop farm.

I enjoy spending my spare time on the farm with my Labrador, Poppy, whether we are driving the tractor or planting more hops she is always so much fun to have around. I have a strong passion for dogs and love working with them and being able to make a difference.

  • Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine

Lucy Clements

Hydrotherapist and Rehabilitation Assistant

Working with animals has always been a passion of mine. Previously I've worked on farms and dog Kennels. I started at Snowys with just the intention of doing work experience for a few months, but once I started, I never left. I am now a Level 3 Qualified Hydrotherapist and specialise in the laser therapy in conjunction with the hydrotherapy treatments. To further my knowledge, I'm currently working on my Level 3 Canine Anatomy and Physiology Diploma, this will enhance my experience when organising a rehabilitation programme for the clients at Snowy's

At home I have 4 crazy spaniels, which I enjoy walking every day. One of my spaniels comes to the centre for her own hydrotherapy sessions to help with her mobility into her older age. In my spare time my other passion to dog's is Showing Cows, which I have been doing since my days at school.

  • Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine

Tig Earland


Tig is one of our qualified Hydrotherapist here at Snowy's. She has completed her Diploma in Hydrotherapy for Small Animals and her Advanced Treadmill.

In my spare time, I like to spend time with my rescued greyhounds and lurchers. At home I currently have 7 rescued Greyhounds, Luchers and Whippets. I have recently taken on 7 chickens from the British Hen Welfare Trust, much of my spare time is spent in their run caring for them.

  • Level 3 Diploma in Hydrotherapy in Small Animals
  • Galen First Aid for Dogs
  • Advanced Hydro Treadmill for Small Animals
  • Companion Animal Health Class IV Laser CTX Machine

John Dyson

Pool Technician and Maintenance

I have spent many years as an engineer. During this time, I have gained widespread knowledge, expertise, and established myself as a perfectionist in what I do. In this time, I have become professional in many different fields. I ensure that the pool is maintained to the highest quality possible, by using the most up to date environmentally friendly applications. This includes ensuring the quality of the water, the water is checked at least 3 times per day and records are kept of the chemical and pH balance. In addition to looking after the hydrotherapy pool, I make sure that the whole therapy centre is a safe and healthy environment for handlers, their dogs, and any visitors.

Toyah Ridley


Toyah is part of our administration team. With a total of 16 years experience, she is able to provide excellent Customer Service, Admin and IT skills. She has also completed the well known Galen Certificate in First Aid for Dogs. Away from work her time is spent with Charlie, her husband and Orden, her terrier. Toyah loves to holiday here in the UK so that Orden never misses out! Canal Boats & Cottage retreats anywhere in the countryside!

  • Galen First Aid for Dogs

Pia Campbell

Physical Muscular Development Advisor

I am a Galen Qualified Myotherapist and Exercise Physiologist. I have extensive experience treating dogs, and in this time I have devised 'The Balanced Dog' exercise programme to work on your dog's core strength, balance, and coordination. Whether you are looking for post-injury or post-operative rehabilitation, or exercises to improve your sporting dog's performance, both myself and Jackie can put together a programme to help you and your dog reach full potential in this area.