Our Site

Our site has an ample, and hard surface car parking area with an additional acre of stock fenced grass paddock to allow your dog free exercise and toilet break before and after your appointment.

Every dog has the option for a shampoo and towel dry after their session.

The centre has a special therapy room too, this is away from the poolside and is full of comfortable pillows and blankets so that your dog can relax comfortably while Myotherapy or Physiotherapy is applied.


Snowy's is a bespoke and tailor made Canine Therapy Centre that is, what we believe, the best in Kent today for Dog and Owner. Our pool is certainly the largest in Kent, measuring 7M x 4M with a depth of 1.2M allowing for our Therapists to apply their techniques freely, without strain or obstruction and for the dogs the room to maximise their mobility, strength & endurance, all depending on their needs and your goals for your dog. The pool has a concrete built ramp to stop any noise or movement when entering the pool avoiding any unnecessary anxiety and providing the best support for rehabilitating dogs. The far end of the pool also has a rest area, again this is a concrete purpose built structure to provide the sturdiest and quietest solution.


We have a brand new Water Treadmill which boast various ramp sizes to better suit the individuals abilities and condition, making for easier access minimises any stress or apprehension. Our equipment allows for the Therapists to exercise their techniques inside the treadmill and has visibility all the way around through the glass surround. Not only is this the top of the range Underwater Treadmill but it is the extended version to cater for the larger breeds too.

Laser machine

Snowy's always invests in the best equiptment for our clients and have purchased a Class IV CTX IQ laser to apply therapy for a variety of conditions. The laser machine come with a variety of attachments to supply the best treatment for all and ensures your canine pal is recieving the safest application of a pulsed or constant wave treatment up to 15W.
If you would like to read more about what the laser machine can do for you and how it works in treatment, click here.

Pulse Magnetic Field Therapy (PMFT)

Another piece of equiptment here at Snowy's is incredibly beneficial for all conditions or even for muscle maintenance. The Biomag 2 is an aid to helping the natural repair of injuries. It does not in itself cure, but helps establish the optimum conditions for healing to take place.
It can be used in the following four broad categories of treatment, namely-

  • Pain relief
  • Pain relief followed by treatment of a particular injury 
  • Treatment of new or existing injuries
  • Sports therapy – as a tone up aid for muscles

Here at Snowy's we have invested in many variations of applicators such as a base mat, large applicator and spinal jacket to allow the treatment to be focused on certain areas to allow for optimum treatment by targeting key areas.
If you would like to read more about treatment and what the PMFT can do for you, click here.


Stance Analyser

Also avaliabe to us here at Snowy's is a Stance Analyser. We use this to not only weigh our canine clients for fitness tracking. By providing objective measurements, we will be able to see how a patient is shifting his or her weight in order to determine which limb, or limbs, are affected by any lameness or other varying conditions. The stance analyser is helpful in being able to clarify treatment focuses and observing changes in weight bearing throughout limbs. 

Proprioceptive Tracks

Here at Snowy's we like to incorporate a variety of equiptment to ensure improvement in postural control, stability and strength. With the use of proprioceptive tracks we can encourage an engagement across these areas. Proprioceptive tracks consist of different densities and encourage shifting of weight and engagement of further core muscles, as well as allowing clients to stretch and focus on weight bearing through the limbs. These exercises aid recovery and improve muscular fitness and can be used in a variety of ways. 
If you would like to read more about treatment and what proprioceptive tracks can do for you, click here.