Snowy's is a bespoke and tailor made Canine Therapy Centre that is, what we believe, the best in Kent today for Dog and Owner. Our pool is certainly the largest in Kent, measuring 7M x 4M with a depth of 1.2M allowing for our Therapists to apply their techniques freely, without strain or obstruction and for the dogs the room to maximise their mobility, strength & endurance, all depending on their needs and your goals for your dog. The pool has a concrete built ramp to stop any noise or movement when entering the pool avoiding any unnecessary anxiety and providing the best support for rehabilitating dogs. The far end of the pool also has a rest area, again this is a concrete purpose built structure to provide the sturdiest and quietest solution.

We have a brand new Water Treadmill which boast various ramp sizes to better suit the individuals abilities and condition, making for easier access minimises any stress or apprehension. Our equipment allows for the Therapists to exercise their techniques inside the treadmill and has visibility all the way around through the glass surround. Not only is this the top of the range Underwater Treadmill but it is the extended version to cater for the larger breeds too.


Our site has an ample, and hard surface car parking area with an additional acre of stock fenced grass paddock to allow your dog free exercise and toilet break before and after your appointment.

Every dog has the option for a shampoo and towel dry after their session.

The centre has a special therapy room too, this is away from the poolside and is full of comfortable pillows and blankets so that your dog can relax comfortably while Myotherapy or Physiotherapy is applied.

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Friendly and reliable dog walking service based in Smarden, Kent, with over 5 years experience. Fully insured and DBS checked tailoring your dogs walks around your individual needs.

Cwnsaethu Dog Behaviour and Training

We have a proven track record in Dog Behaviour and Dog Training in the South East, covering Kent and Sussex.
Run by James Reavil and Hannah Spearman, both passionate about dog behaviour, dog training and gundog training.

James, a qualified behaviourist and dog trainer and has worked with a wide variety of different breeds, over many years, with a variety of different issues.

Hannah has been working and training dogs for many years and this passion has led to Hannah in helping and training a variety of gundog breeds. Hannah has a wealth of practical picking up experience from a variety of shoots within the South East.

If your dog is insured your insurance may cover our services.

For more information visit our website http://cwnsaethudogbehaviourandtraining.com