About Us

Welcome to Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre

The centre is an enterprise established by the owners Jackie and John Dyson to be able to provide Hydrotherapy, Myotherapy, and Physical Conditioning as an amazing therapeutic, rehabilitation and all round fitness process for the dogs in the South East of England. In addition to these services, we are also able to offer physiotherapy services.

At Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre you will be greeted to a relaxed informal environment that makes both your canine friend and yourself feel comfortable in our surroundings. With regard to the Hydrotherapy pool, there will always be a Canine Hydrotherapist in the pool with your dog at all times. There is a dedicated room for the Myotherapy massage treatment. Our aim is to offer a unique service to our clients and referring vets. Our priority is to make every effort to create a relaxed, enjoyable environment so that we build a sense of trust for both the dog and their owner.

We welcome any dog regardless of size, breed and age. We hope both dog and owner enjoy their therapy experience in a relaxed and friendly environment. Our goal is to improve your dog’s quality of life, as a fit dog is a happy dog.

Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre is situated with good access, on a quiet lane, but close to a main road. The centre has good well-lit parking. There is also ample safe and secure grass exercise area to allow your animal to stroll and toilet before and after it’s therapy at the centre. (Please remember your pooh bags).

Jackie and her dogs

I will start by saying dogs are my whole life … literally.

My life with animals started at age five with my first pony. When I was twelve, we moved to a farm environment where I fell in love with Labradors and have owned labs since then.

My first – Amber – she was a puppy from a working dog litter in Lamberhurst. Amber went absolutely everywhere with me. I spent many of my weekends out with the local shoots, picking up.

My only “non-lab” was my gorgeous collie cross – Trixie – who was the most adorable, loyal dog I have ever had the pleasure to own. Trixie was more than a dog, she was my companion in everything I did, and everywhere I went, even when I got married, Trixie was there.

To keep Trixie company, Lottie came along – a beautiful black Labrador from a field trial family. She was the kindest, loving, sensitive, and soppy dog without a nasty bone in her body. She had to be spayed at a very young age due to a calcium deficiency and this is where my passion for nutrition and health started. (She could jump a 5-bar gate in one leap!).

I lost Trixie aged 18! And Flora came along – a beautiful yellow Labrador from a pure gun dog environment. Fitness then became my passion – weight control, nutrition, particularly for athletic breeds, as it is so important from a young age.

I sadly lost Lottie at a young age of 9 to cancer, this was a very sad time as Lottie of all dogs deserved a much longer lifespan. Life on our small holding was not the same without a black Labrador, so I decided that after two months that I should get another black Labrador.

Daisy !!! for a change I decided to have a puppy from a family litter rather than a working litter, but this made no difference to Daisy! She fitted in with Flora straight away and enjoyed the chase in the countryside of squirrels, rabbits, and pheasants. Although Daisy loved the chase, she like Lottie has the kindest nature, to everything living and is the most adorable companion.

At the age of 3, Flora had her first litter of puppies – 7 beautiful yellow Labrador puppies. I planned to keep one bitch but ended up keeping the smallest bitch and a dog.

My dog Brandy has become my “dog guardian” when out for a walk on my own, he rarely leaves my side, when he does, it is only for a few moments. I now run with him regularly and have taken up the sport of Canicross Trail running, this is where my knowledge of Myotherapy comes into great use, for warm up preparation before our run, and cool down afterwards the massage knowledge helps with any injuries that may occur for my dogs and any other running friends.

Brandy is also a very handsome Stud Dog with excellent hip, elbow and eye scores.

It became apparent at quite a young age that the smallest bitch – Snowball – had gait problems and after extensive tests, she was diagnosed with Osteochondritis (OCD) and established DJD (Degenerative Joint Disorder). This will end up as Osteoarthritis.

On learning this diagnosis, I felt surgery was not an option on such a young dog and hydrotherapy would be my preferred route of choice.

This is where the idea for Snowy’s Therapy Centre started and has become a true and real passion of mine not only to help my own very special girl but to help other pets to enjoy a better, longer and more pain-free life.