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Jackie Dyson - Owner and Head Hydrotherapist

Jackie Dyson - Owner and Head Hydrotherapist

I am able to provide hydrotherapy, myotherapy, and physical muscular development exercises.

I trained at the renowned Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referrals Centre, in Guildford. I successfully completed the level three certificates in Hydrotherapy, which covered the following;

  • Animal First Aid
  • Hydrotherapy Theory
  • Hydrotherapy Practice
  • Understanding Orthopaedic Conditions
  • Introduction to Canine Anatomy
  • Understanding Spinal Conditions
  • Use of Underwater Treadmill
  • In October 2016 I completed the Advanced Treadmill course at Greyfriars

I then completed the level 3 diploma, which further covered;

  • Disorders of the canine Stifle Joint together with hip and Elbow Dysplasia
  • Advanced Anatomy and Physiology for Small Animal Hydrotherapy
  • Canine Behaviour for Small Animal Hydrotherapy

Once I achieved the qualifications required, plans were then put into place for the centre. Many discussions were held with the Ashford Borough Council, who through committee in February 2015, felt that the centre should be granted full planning permission for this exceptional new innovative business. During this time, I also studied and achieved a level 3 diploma in Anatomy and Physiology as part of my Galen Myotherapy Diploma. I am currently working towards completing level 3 diploma in Galen Myotherapy. In addition to this, I hold the renowned Galen Certificate in First Aid for Dogs with accreditation.

Sammy Illsley - Centre Manager and Assistant to Hydrotherapists

Sammy Illsley - Centre Manager and Assistant to Hydrotherapists

After working in a Quality department for 4 years, I knew it was not a job for me. Having 4 very spoilt dogs myself, I thought there's no better career than working with dogs, and so I set out to do all what I could to get into Canine Hydrotherapy.

In my spare time, I have a 1969 VW beetle which I am in the process of helping restore, as well as enjoying taking the dogs on long countryside walks. During the next year I will be completing a level 3 Canine Studies Diploma, to expand my knowledge on the anatomy and physiology of dogs. I am looking forward to a long future career at Snowy's Canine Therapy Centre.

Tig Earland - Senior Hydrotherapist

Tig Earland - Senior Hydrotherapist

I have always been very passionate about dogs, some say I’m a dogaholic, currently owning 10 dogs, all of them are rescues. Away from work I am a volunteer with Forever Hounds Trust, a charity that rehome Greyhounds and Lurchers. This involves kennel walks, vet runs, collecting strays from dog pounds, street collections, dog shows and fostering dogs. I have to be honest and say I’m not the best at fostering because I tend to keep them for myself, and hence the current grand total 10 dogs. Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre is finally the dream job I have always wanted, not a job but a real pleasure, I love every second at the centre. I have completed both, Level 3 Certificate in Hydrotherapy at the Greyfriars Veterinary Rehabilitation and Hydrotherapy Referral Centre and the Galen Certificate in First Aid for Dogs.

Having worked as the Garden and Conservatory Furniture Sales Supervisor at a local garden centre for the past eight years I am enjoying the change of career and look forward to a happy and exciting future at Snowy’s Canine Therapy Centre.

Pia Campbell -  Physical Muscular Development Advisor

Pia Campbell - Physical Muscular Development Advisor

I am a Galen Qualified Myotherapist and Exercise Physiologist. I have extensive experience treating dogs, and in this time I have devised 'The Balanced Dog' exercise programme to work on your dog's core strength, balance, and coordination. Whether you are looking for post-injury or post-operative rehabilitation, or exercises to improve your sporting dog's performance, both myself and Jackie can put together a programme to help you and your dog reach full potential in this area.

John Dyson - Pool Technician and Maintenance

John Dyson - Pool Technician and Maintenance

I have spent many years as an engineer. During this time, I have gained widespread knowledge, expertise, and established myself as a perfectionist in what I do. In this time, I have become professional in many different fields. I ensure that the pool is maintained to the highest quality possible, by using the most up to date environmentally friendly applications. This includes ensuring the quality of the water, the water is checked at least 3 times per day and records are kept of the chemical and pH balance. In addition to looking after the hydrotherapy pool, I make sure that the whole therapy centre is a safe and healthy environment for handlers, their dogs, and any visitors.

Toyah Ridley - Administration and Assitant to therapists

Toyah Ridley - Administration and Assitant to therapists

I am extremely confident with dogs and truly passionate about their health and wellbeing.

Not only am I fortunate enough to assit in hydrotherapy for dogs but I also have an important role updating the business website and social media feeds which I also enjoy a great deal. This is along with a varied adminastrative role for which I have over 16 years experience. Enabling me to provide excellent Customer Service, admin and IT Skills. I have also completed the well known Galen Certificate in First Aid for Dogs.

Away from work my time is spent with Charlie, my husband and Orden, our terrier. We love to holiday here in the UK so that Orden never misses out! Canal Boats & Cottage retreats anywhere in the countryside!

Summer Coleman - Trainee Hydrotherapist

Summer Coleman - Trainee Hydrotherapist

I have a great interest and passion for dogs and the benefits of hydrotherapy for dogs.

Having owned many different breeds, including crossbreeds I am familiar and comfortable with all shapes and sizes as well all temperaments.

Keen to learn I am very excited to be joining Snowy’s Team as a Trainee Hydrotherapist.

I have experience working with customers from my previous employment and look forward to meeting Snowy’s customers, both human and canine!

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